About hypnotherapyworksbc

Tom McKinnon, BFA, NSCAD. MFA, U of Windsor.
Cht. Pacific Institute of Advanced Hypnotherapy
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Client Centered Hypnotherapy involves
  • Listen and work to understand how things are from the client’s point of view.
  • Check that understanding with the client if unsure.
  • Treat the client with the utmost respect and regard.
  • There is also a mandate for the therapist to be “congruent”, or “transparent” – which means being self-aware, self-accepting, and having no mask between oneself and the client. The therapist knows himself and is willing to be known.
Areas of Specialty:
habit/addiction/cognitive patterning, anxiety, fears and phobias, pain and stress management, regression, creative visualization,  guided meditations, self actualization through dynamic storytelling, intentionality and ritual enactment, deep relaxation.
I am not currently taking new clients without referral ~ text us @ 778 939 2089 or e-mail below.